Benefits for Local Businesses (Partners/Vendors)

We create your original logo merchandise online!!

A local partner/vendor can be anything from a shop, restaurant, activity provider,  designer, charity, school, team, race, event etc.

It's very simple,

You will get Free PR on our website/SNS and 10% or 15% of Sales (15% if you help us with PR)
You just give us your logo with this application below
We create all your original merchandise and sell them through our website.
Order-made sales, no stock-keeping for environment. It's called Sustainable Fashion.

• Just give us your logo and a short description of your organization in application.
• Please provide a high resolution logo (AI or PSD file preferred). Without your logo we cannot create products.
• You receive 10% of the sales of your branded goods.
• If you help us with marketing by posting our products on your social media platform at least 3 times a week,
 you’ll receive 15% of the sales.(Please provide evidence.)


Please understand that we can refuse service to organizations that we feel have inappropriate content
and/or do not align with our image.
These Terms of Service are effective unless and until terminated by either you or us.

 Please contact us or read the application below.
  We can send you the application PDF file by e-mail.