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この「#SUPPORT ALOHA」プロジェクトは、2020年夏COVID-19パンデミックが始まり、ハワイの深刻な影響を受けている地域社会を支援するために始まりました。当時は観光業が事実上停滞しているため、観光業に大きく依存している多くの中小企業は経済的に苦境に立たされていたので、私たちは "#SUPPORT ALOHA "を通して、地元の業者と一緒に作ったオリジナルグッズや商品を販売し、売上の一部をハワイ・フードバンクやプロジェクト・ハワイなどのチャリティーや、ベンダーの支援に充てられ地元経済を支援してきました。



The #SUPPORT ALOHA project began as a way to assist communities in Hawaii that were severely impacted by the start of the Summer 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, tourism was virtually stagnant and many small businesses that rely heavily on tourism were struggling economically, so through "#SUPPORT ALOHA" we sold original goods and products made with local vendors and donated a portion of the proceeds to the Hawaii Food Bank and Project Hawaii, and other charities, and a portion of the proceeds have been used to support vendors and the local economy.

Now it is Maui's turn. After several years of inactivity, we are looking to revive the Support Aloha website, create and sell Maui Strong merchandise, and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Maui community in need.


Report in 2020  Hawaii Foodbank Event Report (in Japanese)

Receipt of our donation to Hawaii Foodbank $3000


Thank you for supporting this project and our local businesses.

  We are volunteering at Hawaii Foodbank every week!!

Team Support Aloha Project
Supported by ABEE'S,INC (Tourism Marketing Company)
Executive Producer,Eiichi Abe
Office Address: 2222 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite702,Honolulu, HI, U.S.A
Phone:1+808-923-7005  (U.S.A)
Open:Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Pacific Time)
               https://www.abeeshawaii.com/  (Japanese Language日本語会社案内)